Discovery & Design

The process of a stonework project with me starts with a free site visit and consultation. We’ll discuss the general aesthetic, practical use of the space, design options, material options, and site-specific obstacles and opportunities. If a drawing would be helpful to visualize the proposed work, I can offer to do plan, section or perspective drawings. 

 Please note: If the client decides to proceed with the project, the cost of any drawings will be included in the estimate. If they decide not to move forward, I will charge for my time spent on the drawing(s).

Once we have a clear understanding of the project, I will present you with a quote or estimate. If we both agree to move forward, I will write up a basic contract that describes the proposed project.


During the actual building process, I’ll plan to check in regularly with you to confirm that your goals for the project match the reality of the work I’m doing.

To ensure that the final project meets your expectations, I do a walk-through with the client before leaving the site and make sure you are satisfied with the work. If any additional services such as maintenance or repairs are required, I am there to help.


In larger projects, I may bring in other professionals such as other masons, laborers, or excavators, to work with me. I collaborate with these professionals to ensure that the project meets your expectations and runs smoothly.

I always work with trusted colleagues and contractors whose work I can vouch for. I am always on site for the job, but you may see some other faces as well.

Initial consultation 

We schedule a site visit to meet with the client and discuss their project goals, budget, and design preferences.

Design and planning

Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, we create a project plan and design, which we present to the client for feedback and revisions.

Quotation and contract

Once the design and plan are finalized, we provide a quote for the project, and if the client agrees, we write up a contract for the work.


We begin the stonework, collaborating with the client throughout the process to ensure that their goals are met and that they are satisfied with the work.

Completion and follow-up 

Once the project is completed, we perform a final walk-through with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the work. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repair services as needed.

I'll always keep you in the loop, no matter the scope of your project!